Dear Members and Friends of the GABC,

Guten Tag and welcome to the webpage of the German American Business Chamber of Southwest Florida. Imagine a place rich in retired and active Fortune 500 CEOs, senior executives, and noted entrepreneurs, a place with a thriving business community and innovative business opportunities, a place with numerous entrepreneurs from Germany who are motivated by the desire to make their business successful! Now imagine a place where the only things which are as hot as those business opportunities are the white sand beaches with its warm breezes of the Gulf of Mexico and its world class lifestyle amenities. Welcome to Southwest Florida!

Your business deserves to be backed by a superb business infrastructure. At the GABC SW Chapter, we would like to provide our members and other professionals with a valuable platform for a goal-oriented exchange of ideas and information. Let us help you to establish a profitable dialogue that goes beyond company borders. We understand that in this technology-driven day and age you can do business just about anywhere. But we know exactly why you have chosen Southwest Florida. 

Traditionally Germany and Florida have been close transatlantic partners and there is extensive cooperation in politics, science, economy and culture. The GABC SW Chapter for the past 8 years played an important role in maintaining and developing ties between Germany and the business community of Southwest Florida. We hope these pages will be useful both to American entrepreneurs looking for information as well as to Germans and other non-Americans who have questions regarding any business matters. We have placed links to various topics and institutions to enable access to as much information as possible. whether you are looking for expert advice how to start your new business or need assistance in networking to understand quickly how this interesting business community works, our website is here to help you. Our events listings are a great place to explore.

We would like to encourage you to visit our website often and send comments and suggestions. Please don’t hesitate to let us know what you would like to see on our site and how we can improve our services to you. 

Professional Networking with the GABC –
establish contacts, maintain relations, use connections!